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Chungju Museum

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Chungju Museum
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Chungju Museum, located at the center of Jungwon Culture area is located along the Namhangang River and National Treasure 6 Jungangtap Tower (Seven-Story Stone Pagoda in Tappyeong-ri, Chungju). You can see the relics, remains, and collection of folk materials at one glance, and is being reborn as the museum together with the residents through the activities such as holding all sorts of special exhibitions, and operating museum schools and traditional culture schools.

Chungju Museum opened on November 25, 1986, and following the integration of cities and guns in 1996, it is integrated with Jungwon Indigenous Folklore Material exhibition Hall. The size of the exhibition hall is about 765m² and is divided into 1st floor (Exhibition Hall 1) and 2nd floor (Exhibition Hall 2), and major collections are Celadon-glazed Cup and Stand (Goryeo Period), and Buddhist paintings (Joseon Period).

The Exhibition Hall 1 is composed of History Hall 1, History Hall 2, Folklore Hall 1, and Folklore Hall 2, and Exhibition Hall 2 is composed of Prehistoric & Three Kingdoms Hall, Goryeo & Joseon Hall, Myunghyeon of Chung-ju, and Chungju Strife Hall.