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Liquorium is a compound word made up of LIQUOR (Alcoholic Beverages) and RIUM (Exhibition Hall) meaning Liquor Museum. At Liquorium, located at the Jungangtap Park in Tangeumho Lake of Chungju, boasting a refreshing lake scenery, you can enjoy the scent of world’s liquor culture.

By watching the exhibition halls including Wine Gallery, Oak Cask, The Hall of Beer, Asian Liquor Hall, and Spirits Hall, you can appreciate the taste and flavor of liquor from all over the world, and at the Drinking Culture Experience Hall, you can take a peek at drinking culture of Korea, China, and Japan as well as western drinking culture. Furthermore, you will be given the opportunity to learn the functions and effects of liquor, which has been around for as long as human history.

At the Drinking Experience Center, where you can clearly see Tangeumho Lake and Jungangtap Tower, you can taste cocktails for every season, and learn table manners, and thus is receiving lots of love from visitors of all ages.

In particular, it is located within the Jungangtap Park, where sculpture park, Chungju Museum, and Tangeumho Musical Fountain are built, and is close to Jungwon Goguryeo Monument, Tangeumdae Terrace, Bonghwang Recreational Forest, and Angseong Carbonic Spring Water, and thus is very popular as a tour course.

  • Program: Watch the Exhibition of World’s Famous Liquor and Experience Drinking Culture
  • Operating Period: All Year Round [Summer (Mar.-Oct.) 10:00–18:00, Winter (Nov. -Feb.) 10:00–17:30)