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Suanbo Hot Spring

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Suanbo Hot Spring
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The water of Suanbo Hot Spring is alkalescence hot spring water at 53℃ and pH8.3 flowing out from 250m underground. It contains various minerals beneficial to human body including lithium, calcium, sodium, fluorine, and magnesium, and the water quality is soft and light.

The structure of stratum determines the components of hot spring water, and the stratum in the Suanbo Hot Spring area is phyllite of Ogcheon system, and barley stone of sedimentary rock forms the main stratum, so not only far-infrared rays (Bio Stove), but various mineral ingredients are abundantly contained. Thus, it is world-renowned hot spring water beneficial to the human body.

Suanbo Hot Spring water is a lively hot spring water full of life, and does not rot for one month. If you take a bath with this hot spring water, it delays aging of the cells, so you can maintain your youth for long time.