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Chungju Rowing Academy

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Chungju Rowing Academy
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As the 21st century has arrived, the contemporary people are becoming more and more individualized and nuclear families are increasing.
In this social atmosphere, what’s most needed are community spirit and spirit of cooperation.
A sport called rowing could be regarded as the most ideal sports in this era, due to it moving forward to many people rowing together. Furthermore, it also fits the current trends of increasing interest in leisure.

The rowing in Korea has continued to develop starting from winning the gold medal at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha. As a result, we have succeeded in holding a huge event called 2013 World Rowing Championships. This would become the venue of opportunity for Korea’s rowing to improve one more step forward as the member in the global stage.

The Korea Rowing Association will continue to make efforts to approach close to the citizens, by developing various programs to discover and train outstanding rowing athletes to win awards at international events, expand the base through daily sport activities, and establish rowing infrastructure. These efforts would serve as foundation for rowing to become the center of advanced Korean sports.