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Eoksu Valley

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Eoksu Valley
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Yongha 9 Valleys flowing down from the southeastern foot of the Woraksan Mountain, is a valley for summer, as the name Yongha (used for summer) suggests. Yongha 9 Valleys are split into 2 forks at the upstream. The Yonghasu waters, which begins at the Daemisan Mountain bordering Mungyeong, forms Gangseodae Valley Hwallaedam Pond, Suyongdam Pond, Seonmidae Valley, and Cheongbyeokdae Valley, and begins at Mansubong Peak.

The mountain stream forms a line including Sumundong Falls, Byeongpung Falls, Sugokyongdam Falls. Clear water without any moss and rocks are in harmony with natural forest to make the visitors feel cool to the bones, while preserving the nature as it is, it is a must-visit valley that we would like to recommend.