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Songgye Valley

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Songgye Valley
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The valleys located within the Woraksan National Park are different from the valleys in other areas, and that is each and every rock is huge and broadly spread to provide a resting space for the visitors. Thus, those rocks are called Neoreokbawi Rock or Tteokbawi Rock.

Of those, Songgye Valley is considered as the best, due to being surrounded by the foot of the Woraksan Mountain (1,094m) like a folding screen, making you forget the summer heat. The clear water flowing from the valley, in particular, is as cold as ice, and thus many summer vacationers visit this place to cool down during the summer. In the valley is the magnificent view of Songgye Palgyeong (8 wonders of Songgye), which are Woraksan Yeongbong Peak, Jayeondae Rock, Wolgwang Falls, Haksodae Rock, Mangpokdae Rock, Sugyeongdae Rock, Waryongdae Rock, and Pallangso Pond. In addition to those, there are famous tourist attractions here and there, including Korean Berchemia, which is Natural Monument 337, Deokjusa Temple, and Mireukdaewon Stone Temple Site, to hold the footsteps of hikers.