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Tangeumdae Terrace

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Tangeumdae Terrace
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Tangeumdae Terrace was originally a small mountain called Daemunsan Mountain, which has beautiful scenery, as rugged precipice with Namhangang River is flowing below with rocks of fantastic shapes and pine tree forest getting along in harmony.
This place was named Tangeumdae Terrace, as this is where Ureuk, the Sacred Musician, played Gayageum more than 1400 years ago (about AD 534), during the reign of King Jinheung of Silla Kingdom. Ureuk lived during the King Gaseul of Gaya Confederacy, which he foresaw the destruction of the Confederacy and became naturalized to Silla. Thus, King Jinheung was delighted and asked Ureuk to reside in Chungju, and had the young men – Beopji, Gyego, and Mandeok – be trained dancing to protect Ureuk, and Ureuk always played Gayageum sitting on the Sansangdaeseok Rock.

Furthermore, it is a very famous battlefield. During the Imjin War, General Shin Rip, whowas Sunbyeonsa at that time, led more than 8,000 soldiers and used the strategy called Baesujin to fight against the Japanese led by General Konishi Yukinaga and was badly defeated after a fierce battle, he sacrificed his life for the country by throwing himself into a long-flowing river. Also, there is a cliff by the Namhangang River to the north of Tangeumdae Terrace called Yeoldudae, which is about 30 meters high, where General Shin Rip used to go up and down 12 times during the war to soak the string of the bow to shoot arrows and cheer hig soldiers. Thus, it came to be called Yeoldudae (Yeoldu means twelve).

At Tangeumdae Terrace, currently CJ-Culture Center, outdoor music hall, Chunghontap Tower, Gamjakkot Song Monument, Tangeumjeong Pavilion, Tangeumdae Monument, Ureuk Memorial Monument, Monument to General Shin Rip, General Jo Ung Monument, archery gymnasium, and Daeheungsa Temple, and sculpture park and sports park are built in it.

Recently, after investigating the Tangeumdae Toseong Fortress, it was revealed that the fortress was built by Baekjae, to receive lots of attention from the academic world.