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Exchanges and Sister Cities

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Status of International Exchange Cities

Signed an Agreement, Population (thousand people), Area, Characteristics of the Region

Status of International Exchange Cities - Sister Cities, 우호교류도시 등의 안내
Sister Cities Japan Yugawara-machi
  • Hot springs resort city
  • Advancement of tourism industry
Taiwan Taichung City
  • Inland industrial city
  • Regional specialty products (banana and sugar cane)
  • Mutual exchanges of Chungju JC↔Taichung JC
Friendly Exchange Cities Japan Musashino-shi
  • Bed Town of Tokyo (Concentration of Residential Housing)
  • Selected as the city with best organized welfare facilities and residential environment in Japan
China Daqing
  • Newly emerged industrial city
  • Composed of 33 races
  • Highly developed petrochemical industry
USA Atlantic City
  • Resort city(Casino and sandy beaches)
  • Highly developed tourism industry
China Jiaozuo
  • Newly emerged industrial city
  • A tourist city with Yuntai Mountain
  • Equipped with natural resources, transportation, and high-quality human resources