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Brand Slogan

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Chungju Brand Slogan

It means the Chungju City with Great possibility for development, Opportunity for success is given, Open to all businesses, and continuously making Developments.

Any unauthorized use of Chungju City brand slogan by an individual, group, or company for the purpose of making profit is prohibited, so please keep this in mind when downloading it.


Chungju mark image - Great, Opportunity, Open, Development
Chungju mark image2
  • Everything acts as plus (+)
  • Cross-type center of transportation, and center of Korea
Chungju mark image3
  • Infinite possibilities of development (Potential;)


Chungju Brand Slogan image
  • blue
    #00080c6 High-tech and Trust
  • green
    #7ac14 Eco-friendly
  • orange
    #f58220 Youth and Energy (Dynamic)