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Symbol Mark

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This symbol expresses the spirit of Chungju citizens stretching out into the world (Earth) as the central city of the Korean Peninsula in the 21st century.

It shows the will of Chungju citizens wanting for the Chungju, having the infinite potential for development, to fly high toward the center of Korean peninsula and the world with the future-oriented 21st century. “Chung” in Chungju refers to the center and symbolizes Chungju being powerful and dynamic as the center of Korean peninsula as well as the world.
Chungju symbol mark
Color : Green/Blue
It is integrated based on our traditional Taegeuk symbol, and expresses harmonically the first initials C and J of Chungju, having rural and urban areas, beautiful mountains, and clear water.
Color : Red
It shows the spirit of Chungju citizens in which Chungju has risen tall as the central city of Korean peninsula in the 21st century and stretching out toward the world (Earth).
Color : White
It means Korean peninsula where white-clad people live in harmony.
  • City Flower of Chungju
    Chrysanthemum image
    - Chrysanthemum displays the spirit of the citizens and the image of Chungju City, which is the town of loyalty and integrity, as it blossoms alone at the latest of all while being exposed to the frost in autumn
  • City Bird
    Mandarin Duck
    Mandarin Duck image
    It is a beautiful bird residing at Chungjuho Lake, and is a bird bringing fortune expressing harmonious and happy lives for Chungju citizens.
  • City Tree
    Apple Tree
    Apple Tree image
    In the spring, the apple tree shows exquisite beauty with its sumptuous flowers in soft pink color, and the scarlet colored apples ripened in autumn after overcoming hot sun and typhoon expresses the endurance and integrity of Chungju citizens, and is the local specialty of Chungju.