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Geographic Location

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Chungju City is located at the central and northeastern part of Korea, and borders Jecheon-si to the northeast, Eumseong-gun to the west, Goesan-gun and Gyeongsangbuk-do to the south, and Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do to the north, and it is formed as a warped basin surrounded by certain mountain ranges – Gyemyeongsan Mountain, Namsan Mountain, Daerimsan Mountain, and Woraksan Mountain – Sobaek Mountain Range to the southeast and to the west, while Namhangang River, Dalcheongang River, and Yodocheon Stream runs right through the Chungju City to have convenient waterways and rich water resources at the inland basin.

Absolute Location

Regarding latitude, it is in the mid-latitude region from 37’16” to 36’18” forming temperate monsoon area with 4 distinct seasons and severe differences between hot and cold weather to have the advantage of being capable of adapting to different weather conditions such as polar climate and tropical climate.
Regarding longitude, it is located between 127’45” to 128’1” eastern longitude to be in the central part between the western and eastern part of Korea. In Korea, the cities on the same latitude include Pyeongtaek-si and Danyang-si, and those on the same longitude include Wonju and Jinju..

Extreme Points of Chungju
Extreme Points of Chungju - Classification, Details, Northern Latitude, Point, Note to provide
Classification Details Northern Latitude Point Note
Eastern End 128" 08' 10" 36" 49' 45" Mireuk-ri, Suanbo-myeon Area of Chungju City 983.95km²
Western End 127" 39' 40" 36" 58' 50" Gwangwol-ri, Sinni-myeon
Southern End 128" 05' 40" 36" 47' 40" Mireuk-ri, Suanbo-myeon
Northern End 127" 45' 00" 37" 12' 45" Danam-ri, Angseong-myeon